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Swap Textbooks

Advertise your unwanted textbooks to other students online. The Peer to Peer Exchange is a site to facilitate communication between students that want to sell textbooks and students that want to buy textbooks. It operates similar to a classified ad system sellers can post their unwanted textbooks and buyers can search the listings. Another tool to be considered is Student Textbook Buyback held at the Chula Vista Bookstore every day during regular Bookstore hours.

The Southwestern College Bookstore is pleased to be the official sponsor of the Peer to Peer Exchange as we strive to provide Southwestern students with affordable textbook solutions.

Please be aware that the Peer to Peer Exchange is an unmonitored tool designed to support student-to-student transactions. The Southwestern College Bookstore cannot verify or warranty the accuracy of information posted by students in the Peer to Peer Exchange.

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Simply enter the textbook information below to search the Southwestern College and Southwestern College Campus Store Textbook Swap inventory.

Looking To Sell?

Do you have a textbook you would like to swap or sell? Enter the ISBN of your textbook below to start the process.