Textbook Rental Q & A

What do I need to rent a textbook?

  • A valid SWC ID
  • A valid email address
  • A valid Credit Card or Debit Card with logo

Q: How does the Rental Program work?

It's easy. Come into the store and select your textbooks for the term. The cashier will tell you which books are available for rent and the pricing, giving you the option to either purchase or rent the book. If you select the rental option, you will be asked for some personal contact information to secure the rental. At the end of the semester, you return the book during finals week or as soon as your class ends.

Q: Why should I rent from the Bookstore?

The Bookstore offers many advantages to you versus renting your textbook online including:

  • You receive competitive pricing - online is not necessarily a better price.
  • You are assured the correct book based on the order received directly from the instructor.
  • You do not have to wait for the book to be shipped to you.
  • You do not have to pay shipping to pick up in store rentals or satellite deliveries.
  • You receive top-notch customer service.

Q: What if I don't return the book?

If you don't return the book, you will be charged accordingly.

Q: Is renting a book better than purchasing it? Refunds?

We will still offer new and used books but you will  have the ability to decide which option best meets your educational needs. Rentals will follow the same Refund policy as purchasing new or used books.

To see the current Spring 2013 Textbook Rental Contract

Rental Agreement Spring 2014